Artist Statement

I believe art is a calling. The ancient Greeks described happiness as: “The full use of one’s powers along lines of excellence,”. That’s why, since the dawn of history through our current times, we humans have stridently endeavored to leave our marks everywhere from primeval caves, to contemporary urban walls. We do so to record and reflect our social condition. Today, more than any time in recent memory, I find myself and my gender, threatened by corrupt politicians eagerly harnessing, fear of the unfamiliar, blatant racism and disinformation as tools of power. It is to confront and respond to these cancerous preconceptions that I find joy in giving full-throated voice to visually, and critically, chronicling these disjointed associations currently imposed from the wreckage of colonialism. As an insatiably inquisitive artist my studio practice has evolved from a profound immersion into experiencing spiritual and philosophical meaning in my life, as well as, recording the resulting transformations. My canvases communicate this ongoing journey.


Along the way recurrent symbols, icons and references to historical events such as “Slavery,” “Genocide,” and “Immigration,” have been the inspiration behind several new suites of paintings. Most recently, my socio-political experiences as a Latin American, immigrant, and female artist have come to the forefront of my inner dialogue and have coalesced as a central theme of my artistic voice. My aims are to speak truth to power as loud and clear as the nation we love and are forging together demands.

 © 2019 by Angela Alés. 

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