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Artist Statement

For over 20 years my artistic process has in large part been both the means of searching for spiritual and philosophical meaning in my life as well as the act of recording this search. Throughout this journey recurring symbols and icons have solidified into my personal language. Most recently, my socio-political experiences as a Latin American, immigrant, and female artist have come to the forefront of my inner dialogue and have coalesced as a central theme of my artistic voice.


My style is a marriage between Magic Realism and Surrealism, while using Automatism as part of the process. Automatism is the technique I choose to work with most of the time. I have a few paintings that have been preconceived mixed with automatism, but most of my work is born form spills and stains and what they say to me. I am very intrigued about accessing material from the unconscious mind and allowing it to be part of my creative process. I feel it keeps me honest and authentic. Art has always been my mirror, and I believe that with this technique, my mirror stays clearer and honest.

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